TADFF17 – Impossible Horror 

16.10.17 Toronto After Dark Film Festival – Impossible Horror 

Directed by Justin Decloux

This indie film from Toronto is exactly what this festival needs more of. I feel like I’ve seen a few shorts played over the years that embody this look and feel. Finally I get a feature length version. Confusing, humorous, and positively original. This may fall into the category of arthouse if it weren’t so damn fun. 

If you’re only interested in big budget cliched narratives, then good, we don’t want you here anyway!

Screened with Canadian short film Stray Dog: like my aforementioned notes on the feature, this short could easily translate into a feature. A man (most likely mafia) runs down a teenage boy thinking it’s someone else and subsequently injures his leg. The kid stupidly tries to blackmail the man, and the rest is predictable…or is it? 

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